Phoenix is the fifth-largest city in the US, also called The Valley of the Sun. It really enjoys nearly ten months of sunny days and has all one can need: great outdoors, all-year festivals, and drive-thrus. 


The food traditions of Phoenix are evolving since many residents were born in other states. But there are fantastic dishes that you need to taste in this city like Sonoran Hot Dog. With its chewy but soft bun, beef wrapped in bacon, and guacamole, cheese, and crema finishing, they make you fall in love at El Caprichoso. 

Machaca is an authentic Arizona dish. This dried and rehydrated beef is served with eggs, potato, or vegetables at El Horseshoe – one of the most satisfying restaurants. Also, taste this shredded beef mixed with rice and beans and wrapped in a tortilla. 


Heard Museum will tell you how the American and Hispanic cultures mixed in this part of Arizona. It also advances the American Indian art of the native population. Phoenix Art Museum hosts national exhibits and offers classic and contemporary art. In Penske Racing Museum, one will enjoy a great car collection, while in MIM (Musical Instrument Museum), you can see instruments of famous musicians.

Sports and Other Activities

Baseball is extremely popular in Phoenix. The Arizona Diamondbacks professional team has its spring training near the city. There are other sports that Phoenix teams play professionally: gridiron football, basketball, and ice hockey. So, come to see them during your stay. Locals also enjoy playing golf and tennis. Among popular recreational activities are biking, running, and walking along the banks. There are special dog and horse tracks for arranging racing competitions. 

Hikers will admire the variety of trails in outstanding locations. Start from a short and easy trail if you don't feel confident so far. Otherwise, benefit from hiking the long and challenging trail. 


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